WONDER WOMAN '77  "Oceans" Part 1 & 2

"Amanda Deibert does a great job of tying into an actual event, but twisting it in a way the TV show might have done back in the day." -Weird Science DC Comics Blog

"...the writing was splendid. If you like to see a fun Wonder Woman that wins, then you should be reading this book! Come on! Ninety-nine cents a chapter will bring you ten times the joy of the current DCU series. Yeah, I said it. Again." - Weird Science DC Comics Blog


Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman "Defender Of Truth" 

  • "Amanda Deibert lets Diana show off her sense of humor; her gift for puns no doubt comes from hanging around The Flash too much. Again, we see a Wonder Woman who is reticent to unleash wholesale violence to end a fight; she does what she must, but avoids needlessly hurting anyone. This isn’t to say she coddles Circe – Wonder Woman has never been shy dishing punishment out to those she knows can take it. The fun leads into an unexpected and entirely welcome scene where Wonder Woman meets a young fan and imparts an incredibly powerful lesson about identity and truth."- Comicosity


"LOVE IS LOVE"  PSA written and directed by me

-Named one of "The World's 8 Best Gay Marriage Ads" - Huffington Post

"Heartbreaking gay marriage video set to go viral"- Gay Star News

"Watch Touching new Marriage Equality Ad"- HRC


"The Culper Spy" Womanthology - IDW

"Set during the Revolutionary War, the story is one of a young woman underestimated because of her youth and sex... I love these Historical figures that surface in Heroic.... The comic has a lot of energy; it’s entertaining and inspiring." -

"The writing here is strong and fluid. The stories are unique and offer a perspective you don't always get to see in mainstream comics. These women write from their heart, and you can feel their love of their craft in every word. The characters they craft range from strong and defiant like Amanda Deibert's “The Culper Spy” to kind and compassionate like Kelly Thompson's “SuperLess Hero,” but, no matter what, they are all “Heroic.” - Jason Enright, Fanboy Comics


Acting Press

Reviews of "The Hostage" at Theatre Banshee

"Rieger and Amanda Deibert, playing a young Irish housekeeper, provide the dramatic juxtaposition to the otherwise farcical goings-on. Their beautifully understated scene work affords the audience time to regroup while the play builds to its bittersweet conclusion." - Dink O'Neal, Back Stage West

Reviews of "Loyal Women" at Theatre Banshee (I was nominated Best Supporting Actress- LA Weekly and "Best Ensemble" -LA Drama Critic's Circle and won "best Ensemble "LA WEEKLY")

"Deibert proves herself an actress of great resources, ranging from Jenny's fury and frustration to a childlike eagerness for her father's love and desire to belong to the women's club." - Laura Hitchcock, Curtain Up

"Both Marcotte and Deibert stand out as family members locked in mortal combat, very much like their countrymen and women." - Steve Mikulan, LA WEEKLY

"Deibert neatly defines Jenny's willful petulance" - Neal Weaver, Backstage West


Reviews of "The Kitchen Sink" --Fringe festival NYC

"Real life flows through The Kitchen Sink nonstop....The leading actresses each possess a separate charm and charisma that make the play a living, breathing animal with a pulse and soul. Jess (Olivia Henderson), Margo (Audrey Malone), Avy (Jenny Morgan), and Cal (Amanda Deibert) are all in their senior year of college, coping with love, feminism, and pre-graduation panic. Their conversations and relationships are so natural, it's as if being on stage is a coincidence. ... You'll forget that you're watching a play. It's alive, organic, and hilarious. Take your friends, lovers, parents, aunts, and uncles to see these new friends inThe Kitchen Sink." -Anoush Froundjian, NYTHEATRE.COM

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