Dear trump supporter who says they love me

Amanda wrote the extremely viral essay "Dear Trump Supporter Who Says They Love Me" which she first posted on Medium and then was asked to crosspost on The Huffington Post. In the first couple days of publishing the essay had over half a million views. It resulted in a great deal of press including Amanda being named one of 2016's Most Influential Women in Genre by


Tomboys & Tiaras: Why I Don't Want My Daughter To Hate Pink


Amanda wrote the viral essay "Tomboys & Tiaras: Why I Don't Want My Daughter To Hate Pink" for XOJane. It was crossposted to and also shared on media platforms such as Amy Poehler's Smart Girls. 

She was interviewed by  NPR about the article with Alex Cohen for "Take Two" on KPCC


A vow (and call to action) at the edge of the apocalypse. 


Amanda wrote this on the eve of Trump's inauguration.