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How To Tell An Uplifting Story On Twitter: Amanda Deibert Asks Heartfelt Questions


Amanda’s work in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman volume 1 was listed as one of the best of 2017 in “Let's Get Graphic: 100 Favorite Comics And Graphic Novels”

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Meet Amanda Deibert: Comic book author & late night writer


SDCC 2019: How cosplay, panels reflect growing diversity of comic characters and creators


Lost LGBT Pulp Classic 'Work for a Million' Returning Via Bedside Press

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Amanda and her illustrator wife, Cat Staggs were interviewed about their work on Wonder Woman in Gal Gadot and ‘Girl Stuff’: A Q&A With the Duo Behind the New Wonder Woman Story



EXCLUSIVE: We spoke with Wonder Woman '77's Amanda Deibert and got a first look at Seeing Stars 


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Amanda was named by SYFY Wire as one of 2016’s Most Influential Women in Genre

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Amanda and her illustrator wife, Cat Staggs were interviewed about their work on Wonder Woman in These Comic Book Heroes Are Wonder Women



What if You Got to Write the Next Wonder Woman?


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Review for WONDER WOMAN '77  "Oceans" Part 1 & 2

"Amanda Deibert does a great job of tying into an actual event, but twisting it in a way the TV show might have done back in the day...”

“…the writing was splendid. If you like to see a fun Wonder Woman that wins, then you should be reading this book! Come on! Ninety-nine cents a chapter will bring you ten times the joy of the current DCU series. Yeah, I said it. Again."



"Amanda Deibert lets Diana show off her sense of humor; her gift for puns no doubt comes from hanging around The Flash too much. Again, we see a Wonder Woman who is reticent to unleash wholesale violence to end a fight; she does what she must, but avoids needlessly hurting anyone. This isn’t to say she coddles Circe – Wonder Woman has never been shy dishing punishment out to those she knows can take it. The fun leads into an unexpected and entirely welcome scene where Wonder Woman meets a young fan and imparts an incredibly powerful lesson about identity and truth."

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“LOVE IS LOVE” the short film written by Amanda and co-directed by Amanda and Alex Cason:

-Named one of "The World's 8 Best Gay Marriage Ads" - Huffington Post

"Heartbreaking gay marriage video set to go viral"- Gay Star News

"Watch Touching new Marriage Equality Ad"- HRC